Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As of today I'm 30 days away from my 33rd birthday. I've been hearing it being referred to as " The Jesus Year".  I think it's a good time as any to finally get in shape. I've lost the weight but I want to look fit. The HOT yoga teacher training that I took early this year helped to shed a lot of fat and build some small muscles. Now I just want to seal the deal. Tired of being in transition. No better time like the present and I could also use this challenge as a confidence booster. It has been a while since I completed anything significant. That's not true. What the hell I just like to challenge myself.
So this is my attempt at eating clean for 30 days. before pic will be posted later.

Today I broke my fast with a big gulp of water. Always drink water even before getting out of bed. Before I even pee. Big gulp of water. Next I cut up an orange and ate it during my commute to work. Today was Worldwide Day of Kindness or something. I stopped to grab donuts for the coworkers but the shop was crowded and it was close to 8 a.m. besides I'm the one that wants the donuts. LOL

I couldn't wait for lunch time i was so hungry and my blood sugar was very low. I can tell because I was irritated by the smallest things. I'm also PMSing so it could have been the hormones. I forgot my lunch at home so I got a turkey sandwich from Subway. I hate sandwiches but I knew that was the best option. Got the foot long turkey on whole wheat with provolone and honey mustard, some spinach, onions and black olives made it complete. I wanted those cookies but I left them there.

I left work and headed straight to the car wash because my ride was filthy. So glad I had half of that footlong leg. It was delicious. What was I saying about sandwiches? After the car wash I went grocery shopping. Vons has the best vanilla yogurt Ive ever had. it is so good that i cant eat any other yogurt. There was a bird flying around the inside of the grocery store so that amused me for about 20 seconds. I  put back a big bag of pre-washed spinach and opted for the big pre-washed bag of spinach and bok choy. I'm going to have fun with that. I almost feel like considering vegetarianism again, but I dont like extremes and protein is very important to keeping muscle on. For me personally. I eat a lot of protein so that I can build muscle and so that my body can stay in ketosis.

I have no idea what I'm going to do about exercise just yet. I have decided to do the LA marathon and train for it. That's going to be very hard. Again, I likes challenging myself. I've set myself up for some big victories. These last 30 days as 32 are going to be very interesting.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Putting Things in Perspective

I miss my mama. I'm PMSing. I've lost a ton of weight, I'm fine. These are the excuses I use to stay where I am insteand of challenging my fitness where it is right now. becoming a yoga teacher was the completeion of a life long dream. So glad to have that under my belt and in my heart. I've been working on my six pack since late May. I see some changes, but I've just decided to step that up by purchasing Insanity. I need something that will wear me out and push me further. the closer I think that I am to to fitness goals the further away I realize that I am. I dont become frustrated because I know how far I've come. Things are looking GREAT!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look At Me Now

Look at me now...

I'm skinny.. Woo whooo. Only took 3 long years.

The pants that I' wearing today.... Size 6.

I'm in week 7 of my Hot Yoga Teacher Training. I have abs... well kinda.

I've come a real long way.I should post a pic =)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fine Art America

pastel pastels

Crossing the Finish Line

I'm finally at my goal weight. I'm at my goal size....

Now I just need new clothes that fit. :-D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Victory Lap

Haaaaaaayyyyyyy hooooooooooo

Today I had the worst workout ever.

headed to my Hot Yoga class in Santa Monica. Lots of rain and traffic. By the time I pull up to the parking garage it's 2 mins before class starts. The entrance on the garage had a sign hanging that parking all day is $20.

I drove 3 miles south on Lincoln to the LA Fitness in the Marina. I didnt have my ipod cause I dont need an ipod for yoga. I stepped on the scale, cause I was really curious about my weight. My old clothes are falling off of me.

197 pounds
 I stared at the scale for a while. Even played with it. Today the scale and I became friends.
Then I got on the elliptical and tried to do 3 miles. I wasn't feeling that gym at all.

I went and got my car taken care of and that was my day.

I'm hoping to celebrate my new weight loss success. I think a spa day is in order.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Closing In On Victory

This weekend I put on my size 10s.... wooo whooo!!!

I can't believe it.

My eating habits have changed drastically. Woo Whoo!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

On the Wagon Again

The last time I checked I was 216 lbs.  That was back in March. My size 14 years were starting to loosen up on me.

Today those jeans hang off my arse... kinda. I wear a 12, but all but one pair of pants is a 14. I know they look too big. My plan is not to pick u any clothes until I have to. Not till I can put the 14s on without unziping them. That usually tells me that I need a smaller size.

During the month of September I will be on a raw food diet. Let's see how this turns out.