Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As of today I'm 30 days away from my 33rd birthday. I've been hearing it being referred to as " The Jesus Year".  I think it's a good time as any to finally get in shape. I've lost the weight but I want to look fit. The HOT yoga teacher training that I took early this year helped to shed a lot of fat and build some small muscles. Now I just want to seal the deal. Tired of being in transition. No better time like the present and I could also use this challenge as a confidence booster. It has been a while since I completed anything significant. That's not true. What the hell I just like to challenge myself.
So this is my attempt at eating clean for 30 days. before pic will be posted later.

Today I broke my fast with a big gulp of water. Always drink water even before getting out of bed. Before I even pee. Big gulp of water. Next I cut up an orange and ate it during my commute to work. Today was Worldwide Day of Kindness or something. I stopped to grab donuts for the coworkers but the shop was crowded and it was close to 8 a.m. besides I'm the one that wants the donuts. LOL

I couldn't wait for lunch time i was so hungry and my blood sugar was very low. I can tell because I was irritated by the smallest things. I'm also PMSing so it could have been the hormones. I forgot my lunch at home so I got a turkey sandwich from Subway. I hate sandwiches but I knew that was the best option. Got the foot long turkey on whole wheat with provolone and honey mustard, some spinach, onions and black olives made it complete. I wanted those cookies but I left them there.

I left work and headed straight to the car wash because my ride was filthy. So glad I had half of that footlong leg. It was delicious. What was I saying about sandwiches? After the car wash I went grocery shopping. Vons has the best vanilla yogurt Ive ever had. it is so good that i cant eat any other yogurt. There was a bird flying around the inside of the grocery store so that amused me for about 20 seconds. I  put back a big bag of pre-washed spinach and opted for the big pre-washed bag of spinach and bok choy. I'm going to have fun with that. I almost feel like considering vegetarianism again, but I dont like extremes and protein is very important to keeping muscle on. For me personally. I eat a lot of protein so that I can build muscle and so that my body can stay in ketosis.

I have no idea what I'm going to do about exercise just yet. I have decided to do the LA marathon and train for it. That's going to be very hard. Again, I likes challenging myself. I've set myself up for some big victories. These last 30 days as 32 are going to be very interesting.