Sunday, March 20, 2011

Victory Lap

Haaaaaaayyyyyyy hooooooooooo

Today I had the worst workout ever.

headed to my Hot Yoga class in Santa Monica. Lots of rain and traffic. By the time I pull up to the parking garage it's 2 mins before class starts. The entrance on the garage had a sign hanging that parking all day is $20.

I drove 3 miles south on Lincoln to the LA Fitness in the Marina. I didnt have my ipod cause I dont need an ipod for yoga. I stepped on the scale, cause I was really curious about my weight. My old clothes are falling off of me.

197 pounds
 I stared at the scale for a while. Even played with it. Today the scale and I became friends.
Then I got on the elliptical and tried to do 3 miles. I wasn't feeling that gym at all.

I went and got my car taken care of and that was my day.

I'm hoping to celebrate my new weight loss success. I think a spa day is in order.